About Me

Firstly, I will give you a little background information on me, so you will understand why I am able to help you purchase a good quality, well fitting horse or pony rug. 

I started out showing horses at a very young age, competing in both showing and eventing, but in the later years concentrated on just the show ring. I also rode track work from the age of 12, back in the days when you could ride at tracks at that age! Later on I got my racehorse trainer’s licence. I tried to keep showing Hacks and Galloways, as well as racing Thoroughbreds, until I realised that I could not do both justice. At the time of showing horses I realised it was extremely hard to find good fitting rugs, which would last. The answer was to make them myself!

During this time, and for over twenty years I ran a large retail saddlery store, which both sold and manufactured quality horse rugs to a pattern I designed myself through years of experience on how they should fit. I have since retired from retailing, but due to still getting so many requests for horse rugs, made to our patterns, I have maintained the manufacture of  both horse and  pony rugs, hoods and neck rugs, at the request of the many customers who supported me for so many years, and still wished to be able to buy rugs made to my patterns. So now I run a small scale manufacturing business, which enables me to keep the manufacture of my rugs up to the quality my customers are accustomed to.  These days, due to my making them all myself I have concentrated on just wool and cotton rugs.   They are manufactured using quality Australian Made Wool Kersey, and Australian Made 100% Cotton. The size range is not limited, but the colours and materials are, because I make them all myself and simply can not keep all colours in stock.

To see what I make, please look at the Horse Rug Wool, and Horse Rug Cotton pages, where you can find a price list and further details. I apologize for my photos, but I simply have never got around to taking pictures for the net of them!

One of my old favourites