This is my price list for cotton horse rugs. Remember, if you want cheap horse rugs there are plenty of cheap and nasty rugs about! Instead these are good quality, all Australian made rugs, with a great fit, and with facings etc. to make them strong. They all come with leg straps, with your choice of PVC Fastex Snaphooks (the push together ones), or old fashioned metal clips. Hood dees are only supplied free when buying a rug or neck rug set, but you may have them put on as an extra for $3.00 if not purchasing a set. The rugs have satin in the neck, to stop the mane rubbing out. Changing the size of the neck, or making ‘in between size’ rugs is not a problem – and is a free service. Just ask me and we can discuss your requirements. There is no extra charge for making the rug with alterations you desire, regarding fit. 

RUGS             Sizes 3’ – 5’ $65.00
                        Sizes 5’3”-7’ $75.00
HOODS         Small Pony or Pony $55.00
                        Cob, Lighthorse or Warmblood $65.00
NECK RUGS Small Pony or Pony $40.00
                        Cob, Lighthorse or Warmblood $50.00
TAIL BAGS   With Velcro to Rug $14.00
TAIL BAGS   Sewn to Rug $10.00
EXTRAS        Surcingle to match on rugs $15.00
                        Double Binding $15.00
                        Satin in Shoulders $10.00
                        Hood Dees (free with set) $ 3.00


I use top quality Australian Made 100% cotton. For the technical minded, these are the specs!

  • Colour:          Navy Blue only Mass (g/m2) 315grams 
  • Yarn:             Warp 1/42 tex Carded Cotton 1/14ecc 
  • Weft:             1/74 tex Carded Cotton 1/8 ecc 
  • Care Instructions: Can be machined washed on hot. Cold or hot rinse. Hot iron. Warm Tumble Dry. Is drycleanable.
  • Special Remarks: Fabric meets Australian Workwear Standard UV protection factor 40+


STANDARD: One or two colours, ie. One colour down back bone, and around the inner edge of the neck only,  and a separate colour all the way around if required, or simply use the one colour if you prefer.

DOUBLE BINDING: All the way around edge.


The Selection of Binding Colours

Cotton Horse Rug